Alger Water Treatment Plant


Village of Alger, Ohio

In November 2000, the Village of Alger needed to expand and upgrade its water treatment plant.  Growth necessitated expansion from 0.15 MGD to 0.36 MGD and secondary drinking water standards for iron and dissolved solids were not being met.  Submittal of a Facilities Plan to the Ohio EPA to meet OPWC funding dates was necessary.  The Village had a very tight Water Treatment Plant budget, and challenged CT to meet their budget without compromising their operational needs.  CT was awarded the contract to prepare the Facilities Plan and Water Treatment Plant preliminary design.

Proposed Water Treatment Plant improvements include:  tying three wells into Water Treatment Plant, forced draft tray aeration and greensand gravity filters as iron removal process, a 200,000 gallon below-ground baffled and partitioned clearwell, high service pumping, filter backwash system, chlorine gas disinfection, stand-by generator, concrete block building with office and lab,  and connection piping to the distribution system.  A backwash red-water holding tank is also included.  The new building was designed for expansion to accommodate future treatment needs such as softening and sulfate reduction.  Services included coordination of increased water rates and financing through OPWC Issue II funds as well as Ohio EPA low interest loan from the State Revolving Loan Fund.

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