Barberton Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements


City of Barberton, Ohio

The Barberton Wastewater Treatment Plant required various improvements including general maintenance and upkeep to maintain plant operations and reliability and several upgrades to improve overall performance.  CT Consultants provided engineering design services for improvements including the septage receiving station, primary sludge pump station, equalization basin, trickling filter, aeration basin, final tanks and chemical feed system. 

The pretreatment building modifications and improvements included a new building addition, new septage receiving facility, new grit pump, new electrical room addition, new grit washer, replacement of channel air piping, as well as maintenance and repairs to the grit collector mechanism, the mechanical bar screen and the grit conveyor.  Primary Sludge Pump Station modifications included the replacement of the superstructure, pump controls, and miscellaneous piping.  The Equalization Basin improvements included two new pumps, new service feed enclosure with new VFD’s and a new emergency generator.  Trickling Filter improvements replaced the media and distributor.  

Aeration Basin Control Building improvements included replacement of the NPW strainer, pumps and controls, and new jet aeration pumps.   The Aeration Basin improvements converted the five diffused air aeration basins to jet aeration tanks and converted of one diffused air aeration basin into a biological phosphorous removal reactor as part of a pilot study in anticipation of increased regulation of phosphorous discharges.  New trough covers were installed on the final tanks and two new 5,000 gallon exterior chemical storage tanks were installed as part of the chemical feed system.  Additional improvements include the installation of a new 50,000 gallon below ground leachate holding tank; site piping; grading; paving and restoration; electrical; HVAC plumbing and instrumentation work.

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