Chagrin Falls Mill Street Sidewalks


Chagrin Falls, OH

Planning for the Mill Street Sidewalk project began in the early 1990’s as the Village saw the need to construct sidewalks along a 400 foot stretch of curved and narrow roadway with poor sight distances.  Due to the physical constraints of the project area, construction was difficult and costly.  Due to limited Village funding at the time, the project stalled and awaited future funding opportunities.

When the Ohio Department of Transportation announced its new Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, the Village resurrected the Mill Street Sidewalk project.  With the assistance of CT Consultants, the Village applied for SRTS funding and was awarded 100% funding support for the construction of the Mill Street Sidewalks.  CT Consultants to proceeded to provide the necessary planning and design for the project which included the construction of new sidewalks along Mill Street to provide a connection between existing sections of sidewalk.

The limitations of the project site required the design of a 6’wide pedestrian bridge to carry the sidewalk over the embankment adjacent to the Mill Street roadway.  A prefabricated weathered steel bridge was constructed in four separate 75-foot long, 7,000 pound, sections, delivered by semi-trucks and placed into position by crane on the concrete piers.  The installation of these bridge segments completes a project that began as an idea nearly 24 years earlier to provide pedestrian access and safety along Mill Street.

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