Chagrin Falls Traffic Control Upgrade


Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The Village of Chagrin Falls needed to upgrade their electro-mechanical traffic signals.  Due to the historic nature of the Village, extensive coordination with the local historic society and the community was required.  The visual impact of the new signals and control boxes was of special concern.

CT prepared plans in accordance with ODOT Standards for 10 warranted intersections in the Village and funding from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency was approved. The work included the complete upgrade to decorative supports with arched mast arms, the incorporation of side-mount signal heads, decorative luminaries, controllers, loop detectors, pedestrian devices and an interconnected system that coordinates all of the downtown traffic signals.

The harmonization of pedestrians and traffic was a priority in this project.  The final design placed controller cabinets unobtrusively to minimize disruption to the historic nature of the village.

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