Chelsea Court Drainage Improvements


South Russell, Ohio

The existing drainage channel and surrounding areas on Chelsea Court were flooding during heavy rain events.  Two existing 42” and 48” diameter drive culverts and sewers were undersized and met less than a 5 year storm frequency while the Village standard requires a design to meet the capacity of a 25 year storm frequency.

Following a study and analysis of the drainage facility CT Consultants prepared plans and specifications to replace the existing culverts and sewer with a new 4’ x 8’ box culvert, provide for an improved inlet and junction chamber and provide improvements to the channel alignment and stabilization of the channel slopes.  A new inlet structure provides a relief structure as an emergency overflow during heavy rain events.  The erosion that occurred along the streambank was repaired through the removal of silted in areas and the use of a cellular confinement system with stone or other erosion control measures to stabilize and reshape the eroded stream banks. The design also provided extended rock channel protection to create a natural character as well as to slow water velocity.

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