Delaware Water Master Plan


City of Delaware, Ohio

The firm prepared a Water Master Plan for the City of Delaware to outline and prioritize the City’s water resources, treatment and distribution needs through planning year 2025, with long-term service in mind.

The Master Plan:

      • Presents a basis for water service planning criteria, including growth and water demand projections as well as applicable regulatory requirements to be met in the near future (such as D/DBP and LT2 ESTWR requirements).
      • Assesses water resource options and develops a strategy for increased capacity and storage.
      • Assesses water treatment options and develops a strategy for meeting capacity and quality improvements.
      • Assesses water distribution needs for on-going replacement and expansion.
      • Integrates the strategies into a cohesive plan addressing capital costs, schedules and potential financing.

Various treatment approaches were evaluated using the full range of potential water supply resources and a comprehensive review of all treatment technologies as they apply specifically to the Delaware water supply system.  The City selected the treatment approach that best met their objectives for high quality, met current and anticipated regulatory criteria, and will be economically feasible.  The next step will be to conduct pilot-scale testing of the selected treatment technology.  Ohio EPA approval will be a critical element in the pilot testing and final treatment approach.

The firm also assisted with the preliminary design for implementation of the upground reservoir and treatment system components of the water treatment plant.

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