Erie Shores Golf Course Maintenance Facility


Madison, Ohio

The Erie Shores Golf Course Maintenance Facility included the construction of a new maintenance/office and equipment storage facility.  The office area of the Maintenance/Office Building includes a supervisory office, locker room, break room, storage and restrooms with shower facilities.  The maintenance area includes a repair shop, vehicle lift, work areas, parts and tool storage, paint booth and mechanical support areas to maintain/repair the equipment used on the golf course.

The Equipment Storage Building is an unheated storage space for equipment when not performing on the course.  It also contains an indoor chemical storage area and a “chemical spray-off” area.  Site work for the site includes wash off areas , bulk commodity storage, parking, and refueling areas.

The project also incorporated many “Green building” concepts including natural lighting  along with lighting controls will require less energy to operate.  A “chemical spray-off” area was designed to recycle lawn chemical/water combinations by providing an underground storage tank to catch and reuse the mixture.  Site run-off water drains into a bio-retention facility to help replenish the high water table and alleviate pond flooding.

This facility received an “Outstanding Award” from the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association in the 2007 Annual Awards of Excellence program.

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