Holder-Wright Park Master Plan


Dublin, Ohio

The Holder-Wright Farm has been a site of interest for the City of Dublin and Ohioans for many years. This is due to several significant features of the site. The first is the “Ancient works near Dublin”. These prehistoric Hopewellian burial mounds and earthworks are considered to be one of the best examples of prehistoric community centers in the state. The other significant feature of the site is the Holder-Wright farmhouse. The farmhouse is one of the few remaining examples in central Ohio of architecture from the early 1800s. Together these unique cultural resources provided a terrific interpretive and educational opportunity for residents and visitors of Central Ohio.

CT Consultants was commissioned to provide master planning and theme based design for the development of this important park. Highlights of the project include: development of site and activity program, visitor orientation space design, pedestrian bridge of scenic Wright’s Run, Interpretive Center and Outdoor Classroom, Hopewell Demonstration Earthwork, and interpretive trail system. In addition, a phasing plan with construction cost opinions were prepared in order to assist the City in determining a timeline for phased implementation.

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