Kent-Ravenna Emergency Water Transmission Main


Kent/Ravenna, Ohio

The Cities of Kent and Ravenna jointly undertook this project in order to provide one another with an emergency water supply.  The emergency condition envisioned would require that either the Kent or Ravenna Water Treatment Plant (WTP) satisfy all demands (average, peak, and fire) from both communities over an extended period of time.  This study considered two interconnection alternatives to meet this objective.  The first would connect the two distribution networks via a new transmission main  and the second alternative utilized an existing 12-inch diameter Portage County waterline.  CT Consultants developed a computer model analysis of these alternatives using Cybernet Version 3.1 software running in AutoCAD Release 14.

A new 18-inch transmission main traveling along Summit Road, from Lakewood Road to Hodgeman Lane was the recommended alternative.  A pressure regulating valve in Kent’s distribution system was also necessary in order to allow Kent to adequately serve Ravenna.  This alternative was selected because due to the simplicity of operation and maintainance, and will provide adequate flow well into the future.  The final design included approximately 12,000 lineal feet of transmission main, a bi-directional meter vault, a flow control vault, telemetry, controls, and connection to the existing Kent and Ravenna Transmission Mains.

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