Lakeview Water Treatment Plant


Village of Lakeview, Ohio

Lakeview’s water treatment system was aged.  The existing Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was constructed in 1921.  A second well was constructed in the 1960s.  Additionally, the structural integrity of the existing WTP building was a concern. Most importantly, the raw water iron concentration was above the regulatory limits of acceptable standards and the raw water hardness level was high.

CT Consultants partnered with the Village to update their water treatment system and help them meet current and future water quality standards. CT Consultants’ staff first completed a General Plan for the water treatment plant and received approval from the Ohio EPA. Our professionals then designed a 310,000 gpd water treatment plant. The preliminary design for treatment includes iron removal, softening, and chlorination, including a clearwell and high service pumps. The project also includes engineering design for chemical feed facilities, waste holding facilities, an operations building, well pump improvements, demolition of the existing WTP and elevated 100,000 gallon water storage tank, and a new well house.

The project was funded by OWDA (Ohio Water Development Authority) funds. CT assisted the Village in securing these funds and administered the necessary funding documentation.

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