Lorain West Side Relief Sewers, Contract 15S


Lorain, Ohio

Several times per year, rainfall had caused Lorain’s sewer system to backup, resulting in basement flooding and overflows to the Black River and Lake Erie.  After completion of flow monitoring, data evaluation, and SSO analysis, CT Consultants and the City developed a program to construct a series of relief sewers capable of transporting up to a 100-year, 1-hour rainfall event.

The $21 million West Side Relief Sewer project included the design and construction of 4,600 L.F. of 8-inch to 15-inch sewers, 6,290 LF of 18-inch to 27-inch sewers, and 15,000 LF of 30-inch to 66-inch sewers.  CT also provided construction services and inspection services to the City.

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