Mantua Water Treatment Plant


Mantua, Ohio

The Village of Mantua experienced high levels of iron and manganese in their water system.  This condition caused difficulties in system operation and maintaining proper chlorine residuals.  A plan was needed to develop a new water supply, provide for proper treatment of the groundwater, and integrate it into the existing distribution system.

CT performed the necessary analysis to modify the computer model of the Village’s water distribution system to reflect the actual site of a new 1.0 MGD Water Treatment Plant.  Appropriate water transmission lines were established to connect to the system and an updated evaluation of its impact on system pressures and flows was conducted.  The raw water quality criteria obtained from three (3) new raw water supply wells and treatment costs were reviewed and evaluated.  The actual plant site conditions and/or constraints were also taken into account for this study phase.  The project construction cost estimate for the plant construction was updated.  CT conducted a review and assisted in the coordination of the well development and procured necessary Ohio EPA approvals for the well field and plant site.  The Village utilized the services of a hydrogeological consultant to test and develop three (3) well sites.  CT then developed the design and administered the installation of well pumps to convey ground water supply to the new treatment plant.  Installation was completed concurrently with the construction of the new water treatment plant.

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