OTT-Lightner Road Bridge Deck Replacement over SR-2


ODOT District 2

This project includes the replacement and widening of the structural deficient deck on the existing 4-span (53’-75’-70’-49’) continuous rolled steel beam structure over State Route 2 (SR-2) in Ottawa County, Ohio. The existing deck is supported by four steel beams. Existing piers and abutments are to remain but they are to be widened and modified for widened superstructure with a new composite concrete deck. The abutments will be converted into semi-integral types. Three of the four existing steel beams will be reused in the new superstructure along with three new steel beams.

Roadway pavement will be replaced between Kirk Road and State Road and the existing substandard profile will be raised to provide adequate bridge clearance over SR-2 mainline. The new bridge is wider (45 ft. out-to-out of deck) on the west (left) side than the existing bridge deck to adequately maintain traffic during construction.

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