Selig Drive/ITC/Brecksville Road (SR21) Intersection Realignment


Independence, Ohio

Due to growth and expansion of an existing office complex across Brecksville Road (S.R. 21) from Selig Drive, the entrance to the Independence Civic Center, and existing traffic challenges, the City of Independence moved forward with plans to make improvements to the intersection to accommodate present and future traffic demands. 

The project included the preparation of plans and specifications for the realignment of 800 lf of Selig Drive, drainage, pavement markings, signing improvements, installation of a decorative mast arm traffic signal and decorative street lighting improvements.  Turn lane improvements were also provided at the relocated intersection which involved the addition of exclusive right turn lanes on Brecksville Road into Selig Drive and the ITC driveways.  Exclusive left turn lanes were also improved on Brecksville Road for left turn movements into Selig Drive and the main ITC driveway.

Plans were developed for a new traffic signal that included strain pole installations, video detection, emergency vehicle pre-emption, pedestrian devices, ground-mounted signs, and pavement markings.  Due to the close proximity of a fire station, a unique pre-emption design was required.  Drainage plans included the installation of stormwater BMPs including a 4’ diameter Downstream Defender which treats stormwater prior to entering the storm sewer system. Decorative street lighting along Selig Drive was included to match the style and color of traffic signal poles.

CT Consultants also provided utility coordination services for the relocation of existing utilities including the burial of above-ground utilities along Selig Drive within the project limits.  Design and utility relocation for the project was fast-tracked to allow for construction to be coordinated with improvements on the ITC property.  The project schedule allowed for four (4) months for design while special accommodations were made to allow for utility relocation to proceed through construction.

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