Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative


South Pittsburg, TN

SVEC, faced a major challenge: how could they stretch their limited budget to renovate the 1990’s vintage offices and construct a replacement warehouse with truck bays; starting the building as soon as possible to beat winter; and how to not disrupt customer service in the process. CT Consultants assisted to provide a cost-effective solution with architecture/engineering design and Construction Management-Advisor services to deliver the project.

The resulting 41,000 sf building was fast-tracked with the Phase 1 foundations, metal building, and site preparation starting construction, while the rest of the design was being completed. The office building was renovated and increased in size with a corporate office, lobby and customer service additions. The new Operations wing houses offices, locker rooms, warehouse and truck bays. In addition, it includes a case-hardened tornado resistant structure to house their control room and data center.


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