West Creek Sanitary Sewers, Phases II and III


Seven Hills, Ohio

The City of Seven Hills was under orders from the Ohio EPA to install sanitary sewers in areas of the West Creek watershed that were served by on-site treatment systems.  CT Consultants was retained by the City to provide engineering services to complete the design of Phases II and III.

CT Consultants evaluated several alignments which were originally recommended in the City’s General Plan.  These recommendations were based on various factors including the amount of construction that would required within the right of way or easements, the impact of construction on private property, construction costs, the impact of construction on existing utilities, and subsurface groundwater and soil conditions. 

The final design included approximately 5,524 feet of 8-inch sewers which provided sanitary sewer service to 62 residences.  Since a high percentage of existing septic systems were located in front yards, sanitary sewers were installed along the roadway within existing right of way and were installed at a depth that provided gravity connections.

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