Willowick City-Wide Traffic Signal Upgrade


Willowick, Ohio

CT Consultants developed traffic signal plans for the upgrade of fourteen (14) traffic signals and the removal of three (3) existing traffic signals along Vine Street, E. 305th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard.  The work included a structural analysis on the existing traffic signal supports, traffic signal warrants and removal analyses, mast arm installations, strain pole installations, ground-mounted controllers, in-pavement loop detection, emergency vehicle pre-emption, pedestrian devices, radio interconnect, ground-mounted signs and pavement markings. 

Coordinated timing schemes were designed using traffic coordination and simulation software.  Due to the nature of the traffic signals at E. 305th Street and the State Route 2 freeway ramps, special timing and phasing schemes were necessary as part of this project.  CT coordinated this project through the Ohio Department of Transportation.  The Willowick City-Wide Traffic Signal Upgrade project was fully funded through ARRA.

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