Hillsboro Rd. Improvements

Franklin, TN

The 1.5 mile Hillsboro Rd. gateway transportation corridor no longer served the needs of the community, with aged and problematic infrastructure; inadequate roadway widths, lack of sidewalks, parking lots that bled into the roadway; and lack of curbing to define the street.

The complete streets approach safely accommodates motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Where needed, the roadway was widened or reconfigured to add lanes; dedicated bike lanes were included; sidewalks were constructed in the commercial district with buffers of landscaping, street trees, and low brick walls to separate pedestrians from parking lots; planting areas replaced unused parking lots to add landscaping and green infrastructure to assist in storm water management and infiltration.

Tree lawns in the residential district separate sidewalks from vehicles; monumental scale stone gateway signage walls located at the north terminus where Hillsboro Rd. intersects the City’s bypass; and street trees were included along the roadway to provide definition and to invite pedestrian activity. The improvements within the commercial district have been a catalyst for new business creation and private sector reinvestment.

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