Home Road Realignment

Delaware County, Ohio

CT Consultants to provided transportation engineering and surveying services for roadway improvements to Home Road and US 23.  The project included the relocation of Home Road and the existing intersection of Home Road and US 23 about 300 feet to the south of its present location on the west side of US 23.  Design services included the preparation of preliminary and final plans identifying lane configurations, turn lane locations and pavement transitions, a new traffic signal , and proposed right-of-way.  A grading plan for a future multi-use path on Home Road was also developed.

Maintenance of traffic plans were prepared to provide a detour on Home Road for the portion of construction needed to tie in the relocated and existing portions of Home Road.  CT also provided utility coordination, prepared and submitted permit applications, including exhibits and cost estimates for work within ODOT right-of-way; and coordinated with the County and ODOT for the programming and design of a new traffic signal.  Plans were also prepared for the removal of existing pavement and the existing traffic signal at the current Home Road intersection with US 23.

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