TRU-80-8.56 L/R Replacement of Interstate 80 Twin-Bridge

ODOT District 4

This project replaced two deficient 6-span mainline structures along I-80 in Trumbull County, Ohio. The mainline profile was raised to accommodate the effects of deck widening and provide the minimum 23-foot vertical clearance above the Norfolk-Southern Railroad Tracks beneath both structures.

The existing left and right bridges were used temporarily during the maintenance of traffic phases of construction before being completely removed and replaced. The new left bridge is a  widened 3-span (77’-110’-99’) rolled steel beam superstructure with a deck width of 67 feet, while the right bridge is a 4-span (55’-72’-75’-62’) rolled  steel beam superstructure with a deck width of 63 feet. Both bridges are supported on new stub-type rear abutments, hammer head-type piers, and approximate 29 feet full-height forward abutments with turned back wingwalls. Each bridge deck will be supported on nine equally spaced beams. Part-width construction required construction of temporary MSE walls in conjunction with temporary shoring (soldier piles and lagging with tieback anchors).

The project also realigned and reconstructed of 0.48 miles Mt. Everett Rd. beneath the I-80 mainline structures to reduce the number of obstructions, improve horizontal sight distance for maneuvering between the piers and abutments, and improved the railroad crossing conditions.

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