Experience on Past Projects Involving MBR

CT Consultants’ has participated in the design of a wide variety of wastewater treatment facilities.  Our staff has considerable experience evaluating, designing and constructing the application of new technology in lieu of conventional treatment processes for plant upgrades and/or expansions.  One of these new technologies is Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) activated sludge, which through the design of the activated sludge process biologically reduces phosphorus and total nitrogen.

Our staff has previously demonstrated to clients during the evaluation process that capital cost and operational savings can be realized through the implementation of MBR treatment.  These conclusions determined during the evaluations of technology alternatives have been confirmed by actual operational data once the facility has been constructed and made operational.

MBR technology is an efficient method to treat wastewater as it requires less aeration tankage, and eliminates the need for final settling tanks, separate return sludge pumping facilities, and tertiary filtration.  Additionally, preliminary treatment prior to the MBR process reduces and/or optimizes the overall treatment with fine screening and grit removal as the only preliminary process units required before the MBR activated sludge process.

MBR Leadership

CT staff has participated in various local and national conferences and organizations to remain educated on MBR technology development and to educate the professional community on MBRs.  Additionally, our Senior Design Engineers with significant background in MBR Treatment have been published by local and national wastewater publications.