Operations and Technical Assistance

CT Consultants is the trusted name for full-service operations assistance among local government and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities.  From developing management programs to trouble-shooting and technical supervision, our experience helping clients solve problems and run smooth operations pays off time and time again.  We have technical and qualified experts, certified operators, practical industry knowledge, and relationships with regulatory leaders to stay current with trends.

We work closely with the client to meet their specific needs, including:

      • Start Up, Training, and Follow Up After Construction
      • Regulatory Compliance and Government Negotiations
      • Trouble Shooting and Operations Assistance
      • Operations and Maintenance Manuals
      • Operator of Record (Applicable Situations)
      • Audits, Evaluations and Studies
      • Pretreatment Program Assistance and Implementation
      • Contract Operations

CT Consultants’ water and wastewater operations and technical assistance provides local government agencies and industries with simplified administration and assurance that the facilities are compliant with current regulations.  These services take the burden off the client to meet the increasing number and complexity of regulatory requirements.  Our staff is experienced in negotiating environmental compliance issues and provide the necessary follow-up to ensure treatment facilities maintain compliance.

Our operations and technical assistance services provide many benefits including:

      • Improved Performance – Operations personnel are supported by our many water/wastewater engineers, scientists, and other support disciplines to offer our clients a large array of expertise and experience with facility operations.
      • Cost Savings – CT Consultants can demonstrate cost savings operational adjustments by optimizing the use of chemicals, energy and process equipment in addition to regular maintenance of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment.
      • Flexibility – While many clients share similar operations needs, they also have individual goals and expectations for service.  CT Consultants has the flexibility of staff to provide management, specialists, line staff, full-time, or part time assistance as needed.   Full contract operations is also available with staff back-up to provide uninterrupted service.   Technical assistance can be provided to assist with a single aspect of operations to managing the entire facility.

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